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Company Profile


Shanghai high-tech enterprise, founded in 1998, covers an area of 30 mu and a building area of 20,000 square meters. It currently has more than 200 employees. We provide products to more than 10,000 manufacturing customers, including Siemens, ABB, CRRC, amphenol, philips, etc. The company's products are mainly divided into three modules:
1. Electrical wiring (teflon and silicone rubber high temperature wire)
2. Fire-resistant wire
3. Shenyuan high temperature line - the guardian of safety, the company's mission: always adhere to do quality high temperature cable, become the world's leading enterprise in the industry.
Shenyuan connotation:
Shen - Shanghai abbreviation, contains the confidence and determination of the company based in Shanghai, radiating the whole country and going to the world. 

Yuan - highlight the company's long, ambitious, farsighted advice, long - lasting.Corporate mission: always adhere to do high quality high temperature cable, become the world's leading enterprise in the industry
Corporate values: customer-centric, contributor - oriented, result-oriented

The company has 200 employees, including 20 technicians. The company has eight departments: sales management department, enterprise management department, production management department, quality management department, technology development department, cost control department, financial management department and human resources department.
The company has a strong technical force, advanced production equipment, perfect testing means, has passed the national mandatory product CCC certification, the United States UL certification, CE certification, the enterprise passed the ISO9001:2015 international quality management system certification and iatf16949-2016 automotive industry quality management system certification. Products are exported to Europe and the United States and other international markets.


Under the strategic principle of "technology + capital" and "enterprise + cooperation", shenyuan company, based on independent core technology and original technology, fully combines capital operation and management ability to form high-tech transmission line information industry, and has independently developed a number of innovative products.
Shenyuan respects every employee, encourages them to make personal development plans and guides them to combine personal development goals with corporate development goals. In the thriving, thriving shenyuan company, the staff's wisdom and wisdom is given full play, personal ideal is very good realization, personal ability is constantly improved, personal thought realm and sentiment continue to sublimate. Shenyuan has set up a strategic vision, can control the global, pilot led enterprise leader team, for the enterprise a moment being active, strong strength and the concept of innovation, tracking, can grasp the frontier technology and enrich the enterprise core technology team of technical personnel, a studious aspirant, deep industry work fine and hard work of the staff team and a dedicated, good at application of modern business management team of managers.
High - tech transmission line industry with high - temperature - resistant special wire and cable as the core is the main industry of shenyuan company. After many years of technology development and industry consolidation, shenyuan company in the field of fluorine plastic, silicone rubber and other related products are developed the independent core technology and application of products, to meet user needs, broaden the sales market, the company the company research and development production of PVC insulated wire and cable, irradiation crosslinking cable (70 ℃ -- 105 ℃) heat with wire and cable and other new varieties and new energy vehicles, to provide users with comprehensive solutions. Company staff will make unremitting efforts to provide customers with quality products and perfect service.
The company warmly welcomes friends from all walks of life at home and abroad to discuss cooperation.